Leaving Silicon Valley


Notes from the Rainbow Hotel Casino, Wendover, NV:

Old suitcases next to a car

Belongings in a U-Haul in the parking lot.

I liked the Bay Area, but it was indifferent to me.

I sold online ads for an Internet company. I wore shorts to work and still made a lot of money.

Then in October, the executives called a meeting and told us the company was closing. We had an hour to leave the building.

I was really sad.

I got another job selling ads for LookSmart. But LookSmart wasn’t as smart as it looked. In January, they laid off 30 percent of the staff, including me.

There was good news too. I could always find 12 friends to go bowling on a Friday afternoon because they didn’t have jobs either.

Now I’m going B-to-C.

Back to Cleveland.

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