Who Wants to Be a Salesman?


Our new Sales VP came down from his office on the 7th floor to the development area on the 4th floor. He was gripping and waggling a golf club, a driver.

As you might imagine, we don’t have a golf course on the 4th floor — so why is this jackass holding a golf club?

Does he want to be a golfer? Could we possibly find a salesman who wants to be a salesman?

Not coincidentally, our booking of new business since his arrival has been nonexistent.

He only seems to be able to keep one piece of information in his head at any given time — and usually that piece of information is his next tee time.

We got an email from him the other day stating that anyone who brings in a qualified sales lead that is subsequently closed and billed will be paid $1,000.

Honestly, if I had a qualified lead on a development project — unfortunately, I don’t — but if I did, I’d go work it myself before I turned it over to this guy and the collection of hayseeds and slobs he calls a sales team.

Thus spoke The Programmer.

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