Teachers Making a Difference


Good or bad? It doesn’t say.

OC Family‘s Special Annual “10 Teachers Making a Difference” issue is out . . .

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This year, there seems to be an emphasis on the “advancements” that schools and teachers are making in the compassionate handling of hyperactive children.

One of the honored teachers says this:

“Think of when you and I were in school. There were always those teachers who would say: ‘Quit daydreaming, quit daydreaming.’ Well, they weren’t daydreaming. Those were the ADD kids.”

This gratuitous diagnosis of “ADD kids” by people who are not doctors — I mean, to go so far as to retroactively diagnose kids who were daydreaming when I was in school 30 years ago as “ADD kids” — is just the most appalling bunch of horseshit.

But the result is, now that we’ve labeled the kids, we can go ahead and drug them, they’ll be easier to handle, and everybody’s happy — including the parents, because alternatives to drugging a kid will probably require more patience and love than the parents are now allocating, and who has time for that in their busy lives?


Another teacher making a difference is a soft-looking, middle-aged, unmarried third-grade teacher named Guffey:

The mutual affection shared by Guffey and his pupils can be seen at the end of the school day when the ‘Three H’s’ ritual takes place. Students are given the opportunity to offer a handshake, high five or hug as they say good-bye at the door. Most elect to do all three.

Uh oh.

The educator is also often seen cheering on the sidelines at weekend soccer games, further building up both past and present students.

Uh oh.

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