EppsNet Goes to the Movies


I was buying movie tickets with my 10-year-old boy when a woman with her 20-something daughter smiled at us and said, “When you get older, your kids will take you to the movies.”

Later, in the snack bar line, I asked him, “So are you going to take me to a movie when I get older?”

“I dunno. (Pointing at a movie poster) That reminds me . . . I want to see Freddy vs. Jason.”

Yeah, right. Freddy vs. Jason. Who says creativity is dead in Tinseltown?

Two more things I could live without:

  1. The ads for TV shows that now run along with the movie previews.
  2. Theaters soaking me $13 for a “Snack Bar Combo” — two sodas and a bag of popcorn — then clapping themselves on the back for donating 50 cents of it to charity.

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