Men Are From Mars, Chickens Are From KFC


A man and a 10-year-old boy bring home the evening meal: 12 pieces of KFC for $9.99.

Chicken dinner

“Get some plates,” his wife says.

“We don’t need plates,” the man replies.

“We’re men!” the boy explains.

Wife: “You’re going to make a mess.”

Man: “Of course we’re going to make a mess”

Boy: “We’re men!”

Wife: “Did you get napkins with that?”

Man: “We don’t need napkins.”

Boy: “We’re —”

“You’re supposed to get napkins with the chicken. We have to pay for these,” the wife says, handing out the store-bought napkins.

As she goes to the kitchen to get the plates, the boy whispers, “She’s pretty rough.”

“You think so?” the man whispers back.

The boy, still whispering, says, “We’re men, though.”

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