At the Dog Park


This is a picture of 14 pugs in a hatchback, although you can only see five of them really well. Ours — Lightning — is the one in the middle.

We tried taking pictures with the hatchback open so you could see the dogs better, but they all started jumping out, so we had to abandon that plan . . .

The owner of the pug on the right submitted this to a photo contest and won first place with it.

I’m actually in the photo myself! Look at the reflection on the left side of the car, right over the word MATRIX . . .


I ask the woman next to me, “What kind of dog is that . . . the one that looks like an Ewok?”

The owner of the dog — which turns out to be a Brussels Griffon — is standing nearby and reacts as though I’d slapped him in the face.

I’ve noticed that a lot of dog owners are really sensitive about their dogs.


Someone advances the theory that dogs really own us, rather than the other way around, because we have to feed them, bathe them, pick up their droppings, etc.

I explode that theory by pointing out that my dog cannot cause my testicles to be removed at his command.

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