Mom Learns to Play Chess

22 Aug 2004 /

She doesn’t have the patience for a full explanation of the rules, the pieces and how they move . . .

MOM: How do I win? I kill your king?
BOY: Mmmm . . . yes.
MOM: Which one is the king?


The initial instructions are followed by a short move quiz:

BOY: How does the pawn move?
MOM: Straight, eat diagonally.

She likes to think of capturing as “eating,” for some reason.

BOY: How does the horse move?
MOM: L-Shape.
BOY: How does the bishop move?
MOM: Diagonal, eat far away.
BOY: How does the rook move?
MOM: Which one is the rook?
BOY: That one.
MOM: I don’t know. I don’t use that one.


The game is afoot . . .

BOY: The horse has to move in an L-shape.
MOM: That is an L-shape if you think about it.


BOY: The king can’t move that way!
MOM: My king can do anything.


BOY: You can’t take two of my pieces at the same time!

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