Fight On!

USC-Washington program cover

My son and I went to the USC-Washington game last weekend. We don’t get to go to a lot of games because 11-year-old boys have their own activities and stuff on the weekends, but this time we were able to get there a few hours early and stroll around the campus, site of many of my greatest academic accomplishments . . .

The school is just across the street from the stadium, so on game days it serves as kind of a staging area for tens of thousands of people in USC shirts and jerseys barbecuing stuff, throwing footballs around . . . the atmosphere is like a gigantic family picnic.

We saw Traveler, the Trojan horse, outside one of the gates as we walked up to the stadium and got to pat him! We saw Britney Spears on the sidelines in a Matt Leinart jersey!

And a football game was played!

After a slow start, USC won, 38-0. Washington hadn’t been shutout in 271 games, the longest active streak in Division 1-A . . .

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