Parental Guidance


I talked my 11-year-old son and his friend into seeing House of Flying Daggers instead of Meet the Fockers.

House of Flying Daggers

The title alone — Meet the Fockers — is a tipoff to the level of wit that you’re going to be dealing with. Fockers! Get it? It sounds like a naughty word! HA HA HA HA! Geez, make an effort, will ya?

How about House of the Flying Fockers? You meet the Fockers and throw daggers at them. That sounds like a good movie!

Anyway, since House of Flying Daggers is rated PG-13, and I was not going to be attending with them, I provided the following parental guidance:

“The title suggests that there’s going to be daggers, and that at least some of them are going to be flying. They may even hit someone. Don’t worry . . . it’s all fake. They’re just actors and nobody really gets hurt, so don’t get all upset about it.

“And don’t come home and start throwing knives around the house because you saw it in the movie.”

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