Love Hurts — So Does Frostbite

Map of Manitoba

WINNIPEG, Manitoba — A Los Angeles man who sneaked into Canada in February to see his Internet girlfriend will be deported — minus all his fingers and some of his toes, the Winnipeg Sun newspaper reported Tuesday.

Charles Gonsoulin, 41, will have the fingers and toes amputated because of severe frostbite suffered during a 100-hour trek from Pembina, North Dakota, across the border to Emerson, Manitoba, where he was found wandering on a golf course on Feb. 23, suffering from hypothermia.


Gonsoulin’s plan was to hike 60-something miles north to Winnipeg and catch a bus to Quebec, where his girlfriend lives.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Canadian winters are far less hospitable than Southern California winters . . . so much so that in 100 hours, he only made it as far as Emerson, which, as you can see on the map, is right on the Canadian border.

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