I Hate Travel

A displaced person returning home from a German prison camp.

A lot of people seem to love travel . . . I hate travel.

I start out thinking I’d be happy if I could just be somewhere else but when I get there, I’m the same person with the same problems, and now I’ve spent all this time and money in another failed attempt to get away from myself . . .

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  1. Raff
    21 Mar 2008 at 7:10 am

    Yes you are right.
    I do not understand why people travel in the Internet era when you can get all information from it.
    In my opinion all people who travel do not have enough imagination and are ignorants. They usually do not know well local places and are looking for pleasure in the places far away.
    Traveling and turism is big problem for today world.
    Please move your imagination and stay at home, visit local places and learn more about you country.
    Regards Raff

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