Boring in a Good Way


A friend of a friend has started dating a guy with a history of mental problems, including an in-patient hospitalization.

That should be exciting.

Some guys are boring. Me, for example. My wife tells me all the time how boring I am . . .

Man in jail

I remember a few years ago, a woman came over to clean our house — a white woman, which is unusual in Southern California. She was telling my wife that her alcoholic ex-husband was in jail, as a result of which, she wasn’t getting any financial support from him and had to take up house cleaning to make some money.

Now that’s excitement! You hook up with a guy who you don’t know if or when he’s going to be home, how drunk he’s going to be when he gets there . . . maybe he’ll end up in jail and you can spend your life cleaning other people’s toilets to keep your head and your kids’ heads above water.

Me on the other hand — like I said, I’m boring. I roll my ass out of bed every morning in a very predictable manner and head off to work. I come home directly afterwards without stopping off at any of the local watering holes. I provide a predictable income stream. On evenings and weekends, I’m available for family activities.

So I’m boring, but I like to think of myself as boring in a good way. Boring is not always bad, and exciting is not always good, particularly if it involves being institutionalized in some fashion . . .

  1 comment for “Boring in a Good Way

  1. scody
    21 Jul 2006 at 7:06 am

    nope… not in a good way,
    you’re just boring. 🙂

    How you doing buddy?

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