Madden NFL 07 Racist?

2 Sep 2006 /

My son’s sitting in the family room playing the new Madden NFL 07. His computer-controlled kicker misses two extra points, after which the other team’s computer-controlled kicker makes a 50-yard field goal.

“Oh my gosh!” he yells. “Can you say ‘racist’?”

He’s a mixed-race kid — his mom is Asian — and he treats every slight as a racial issue. I think he’s kidding most of the time.

One feature of Madden 07 is that when there’s a break in the action, it pops up player profiles — photos and career blurbs — of old school players that, for the most part, the boy has never heard of.

Fred Biletnikoff!? Looks like a stuck-up white boy to me! OHHHH! WOOOOOO!”

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