OK, So They Were Violent and Crazy


More details are emerging on the crazy naked woman with a gun case . . .

Not surprisingly, despite a neighbor’s assertion that Kevin and Joni Park “were not violent or crazy,” it turns out that they were in fact violent and crazy.

In 2004, Kevin Park pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace after initially being charged with assault, battery and trespassing. And he was considered the sane one in the family.

Joni Park had, among other oddball habits, a history of yelling at drivers who turned around in her driveway, and threatening to call the police when someone parked a car in front of her house.

My wife also, for some paranoid reason, hates, hates, hates it when someone parks in front of our house.

So that’s how it all starts. And that, my friends, is why we do not own a gun . . .

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