No Serenade, No Fire Brigade, Just Pyromania

Air quality is bad

Air quality and visibility were much worse today than yesterday. I don’t know if the winds shifted or if it just takes a day or so for all the ashes and soot to fall back to earth.


Proving that there’s a positive side to everything, the Santa Ana winds that have fanned these fires around Southern California also knocked down half the trees in our community, which will now have to be removed and replaced, so if you’re in the landscaping service business, this is a good time for you.

Fire in Foothill Ranch
“Honey! Call Farmers and get a quote on
homeowners insurance – stat!”

My wife is in the insurance business. She’s received several calls over the past few days from people wanting to buy a homeowners policy. Ordinarily, she’d be happy to sell them one . . . the problem is that the houses are in zip codes that are currently on fire, and her company has suspended sales of homeowners insurance in those areas.

Here’s a tip, folks: The time to buy insurance is before your house is on fire.

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