Playing the Expert Game


If . . .

  • you are able to get important things done
  • you are seen learning things on your own
  • you are seen trying to do things even if you aren’t sure how
  • you share freely the things that you know
  • you don’t hide your ignorance, but also don’t rest on it
  • you honor what other people know
  • you know more often than not how to find out what you don’t know
  • you know how to ask for help
  • you offer to help people on their own terms

Then . . .

  • no one will care whether you succeed by learning or succeed by already knowing
  • no one will care if you mess up occasionally because they assume you learn from it
  • no one will mind if you forget (or don’t know) any given fact or method at any given time
  • you will be treated as if you’re smart and useful, even though everyone knows you have a lot to learn
— Jonathan Bach, “Playing the Expert Game”

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    2 Jan 2008 at 5:34 am

    Best New Year message yet—thanks

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