Wives of Spanking Husbands Club

From the front page of the Los Angeles Times 70 years ago today, Jan. 26, 1938:

Wives of Spanking Husbands
Form Girls’ Auxiliary to Club

SIOUX FALLS (S. D.) Jan. 25 (AP) — Wives of Spanking Husbands’ Club, organized in Sioux City, Iowa, and parent organization of fifty-nine such clubs throughout the nation according to its own figures–reached out for another slice of territory today.

The Iowa housewives who consider it a mark of esteem for their husbands to wield a disciplinary hairbrush once in a while, announced plans today for a junior auxiliary–Daughters of Spanking Parents.


A letter received here from Sioux City and signed “Rita Rae, general delivery,” told of plans for the new organization for which she claimed an initial membership of seventeen. Any girl above the age of 11 years is eligible to join, Mrs. Rae wrote.

“We think all parents should spank their daughters when they don’t behave,” Mrs. Rae wrote. “Some girls won’t admit it, but the really know it is better to get spanked than scolded and nagged. Spanking creates a better understanding between parents and daughters.”


Mrs. Rae is the president of the Wives of Spanking Husbands, which was organized last June 26 under the broad-minded slogan “Spare the hairbrush and spoil the wife.”

“Our husbands don’t beat us,” the Sioux City woman was careful to explain. “They just turn us over their knees and give us a good sound spanking.”

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  1. eliane
    23 Apr 2011 at 9:00 am

    Naughty wives deserve to be spankedin order to break them of bad habits and disobeying their husbands. Those that think that its acceptable to punish a wife for transgressions, perceived or otherwise, have equally strong opinions on the subject as those against it.

  2. Sue Ann
    2 Jun 2011 at 10:28 pm

    I am a spanked wife. For many years I was not. I have a great husband who is also a great provider and a wonderful guy. He really is a good man who holds himself to high standards and loves me very much. I on the other hand, was never spanked as a kid and was a mouthy, yell at him witch over the years. I yelled, swore and mouthed off at him. He has never done that to me. Well, after many years of marriage, he decided a few weeks ago that he had had enough. The last time I yelled, I threatened to leave. I have no clue why I yelled at him or what for. I find anything to pick on. Okay, so he had enough and told me to go ahead and leave if that’s what I wanted. I was stunned and I cried that I didn’t want to leave. Since I didn’t want a divorce and neither did he, he told me that for a week, I would be treated like the brat I was being. I’d get 50 spanks on my backside over his knee before bed and if I didn’t comply, I would get his belt to my backside. If I didn’t like those rules, I was free to go. I was stunned. That night he was waiting for me at bedtime. He was sitting at the end of the bed and told me to bend over his lap. I laughed and refused. He yanked me over his knee. My nightgown was yanked up and my panties pulled down. I felt so humiliated. Before I even had time to blush from this, he whaled my backside with his hand, until I thought I couldn’t take it anymore. He dished out 50 hard smacks. He’s a foot taller than me and he is all muscle with big hands. His hand alone left my backside black and blue. I squirmed and tried to get out of it, but he’s much stronger. He was relentless. For one week, my punishment was to bend over his lap, take 50 smacks on my bare butt and go to bed. Each night was worse than the last, since my butt was bruised after each session. After the week was over, he told me that I would get 20 moderate spanks on my bare backside every night before bed, to remind me not to yell at him, mouth off, curse at him or be disrespectful. If I broke those rules, he said he would take me over his lap, no matter where we were, and spank the living daylights out of my behind. Well, I haven’t mouthed off, yelled at him or started any arguments. I was out of control and this has had a calming effect on me. I respect my husband more than ever now. He doesn’t expect much from me. I’m pretty spoiled. I know the rules. He doesn’t care if dinner is late or if I’m too busy to clean the house. He doesn’t care about anything other than me not verbally abusing him. He’d yell back at me years ago, but it became a never ending cycle. If I want to stay with him, I have to submit to moderate spankings over his knee, butt up in the air and any panties are to be taken down each night. I’m warned, that if I don’t comply, I have to bend over the bed, and take 20 lashes with his belt. That sounds too scary, so I do comply to the hand spankings. I feel like a three year old getting spanked over his knee before bed. It’s done in the privacy of our bedroom and he puts the TV on loud, so no one in the household can hear this. I’m glad my husband decided to take control, because I was out of control. I feel like I have boundaries now as a thoroughly spanked wife. He finally has my respect. He will back off of every night spankings when he thinks my attitude has truly changed. So far there is peace and harmony. We are much closer than ever. I feel that a huge burden was taken off of me. I told him not to back off of nightly spankings. I have come to realize I need them. Call it an endorphin rush, but I’m so much calmer in life about everything.

  3. Kiki1
    4 Jun 2011 at 8:00 am

    My husband an I met 9 mths ago. It was on a dating website. I had listed in my profile I wanted a dd relationship. Not because I was spanked alot as a child or in past spanking relationships but because 1 I knew I needed a man who could stand up to me as I can be very stubborn at times and two I was tired if being in relationships where I had to take care of everything. My husband who is Defenately a dom agreed to sanking me when he felt it was necessary but because we were only dating he used minimal force and there were no set rules so the spankings were not beings as effective as they probably should have Been! We got into a huge fight which I caused just before we were married and we almost split up! I finally put my stupid pride aside and begged him for a second chance and agreed to weekly maintenance spankings as well as punishment. He thankfully agreed to try again an informed me there would be set rules once married and they were to be followed without exception or the consequences would be severe! Well needless to say I have broken a couple of those rules. I sit here now with a bruised behind after getting a severe spanking for disrespecting him, back talking and screaming at him. After a long lecture , over his knee for a hand spanking on the bare and a session with the paddle and his belt over pillows I am once again a happy , loving obedient(who’s idea it was by the way to have obey put back into our vows) wife! I love my husband! He is strong loving kind and generous man who works hard to support his family which he firmly believes is his job! He looks after everything finical and I am not to even think about paying for anything! Something that was hard for me to let go of at first because I have always been the responsible one in that department. Sence I have finally relinquished all control in these matters to my husband my life has been unbelivably happy! Sure the spankings hurt at the time but they remind me to respect honor and obey my loving husband and realize that his rules are more than fair( and I agreed to them after he had written them out so there is no surprises) and that they are in place to keep me and our family safe and to keep our home running soothly. That combined with my weekly maintenance has made me a better person , wife and mom 100per cent! I still overstep my bounds now and then and I am firmly reminded of my place at that time and who is in charge, who I asked to be and agreed to be in charge ! This is the most fulfilling relationship I have ever had . My husband loves and worships me and tells me every day how beautiful and wonderful I am and I in turn try to be a good loving obedient wife to him! Yes this may not be for everyone but I have tried more conventional relationships and for me this one beats them all out of the water! So here’s to all the disciplined wives a d all the husbands who are man enough to support love and correct your fsmilies!

  4. Sue Ann
    13 Jun 2011 at 10:37 pm

    To Kiki1 and other wives. I can totally relate. My husband spoils me, loves me unconditionally and has total and utter respect for me. He’d give his life for me and yet I repay him with mouthing off. He is wealthy and I don’t have to work if I don’t want to. He respects me as an intellectual equal. We are both college educated. His first marriage was a disaster and he was tired of women walking all over him. I agreed to be spanked. This was my decision in the end (pun intended). He’s an alpha male at work but then would cow to women in his early personal relationships. He’s learned as he’s gotten older that it doesn’t work and women will walk all over you. So, yes, no disrespecting him, back talking and screaming. Really it amounts to me verbally abusing him… something he’d never do to me. The other night his hand spankings weren’t getting through. He went and got a nice big oval hair brush and busted my butt for being a major fuming witch. I was spanked the entire weekend multiple times. It took that much for me to finally calm down and realize there are consequences to my verbal abuse. I learned this bad habit from my mother. This is a bad habit I need to break. I agreed to this. I could have left and then what? I’d just repeat my patterns all over again with someone else. It’s really hard for him to spank me. He was raised not to hit a woman for any reason. He put forth the idea and told me he totally hates doing it. It’s not fun. Today I’m calm and I feel this works. I got intense multiple spankings all weekend. I couldn’t stop my bad attitude towards him and he didn’t do anything wrong to warrant this from me. He added a bit of humility to my spanking sessions. In the bedroom he told me to stand before him. He told me to disrobe down to my birthday suit in front of him. This was new to me… to be totally bared before him, while he was fully clothed. This was meant to humble me. I had to stand there and tell him why I needed to be disciplined. Seeing the hairbrush scared me. I was sobbing and I had to totally surrender my body to him the whole weekend to whatever he wanted to do me. He isn’t a cruel man, but some of the things he did to me were totally humiliating. Some of the spankings were long and painful. He meant to break me and dominate me. I was in a dryer where there was no off switch for my bad behavior. He doesn’t micro manage my life. He thinks I do a good job of handling money and more. It’s my temper tantrums that have him ticked off. It’s a behavior I learned growing up and no amount of therapy has worked. Now if I start in on him, he asks me to stop or… would I like a spanking? So, when I’m out of control, I am warned to stop or face the music. It is slowly working. He threatened a spanking today and I promptly shut my mouth. He’s made it very unpleasant for me to verbally abuse him. I respect him for this. He is also calmer. He doesn’t yell or get angry back at me. He’s totally calm when he disciplines me. He tells me he loves me, but won’t put up with my abuse.

  5. Kristin
    16 Jun 2011 at 11:27 pm

    I am a 38 year old female, married. I yearn for this. I am a bit untamed, and my family is affected by my behavior sometimes. My kids often tell me that when I’m not here, everything is calm and peaceful. I have the most wonderful, patient, loving husband anyone could ask for. But, sometimes, I think he is too passive and lets me get away with too much. We will play in the bedroom, but never outside of it. He wouldn’t dare lay a hand on me, even if I tried to explain this to him. Sometimes, I want him to remove me when I am “acting up” and lay the law down. Besides, it turns me on in some weird kind of way. I want to be held accountable, I want to be disciplined, and I want to feel what it’s like to be controlled when I need to be. I am not asking if I should cheat on my husband, but I also know he will never do this. It’s not in his nature and I will never convince him of it. This is probably a stupid question, but are there men out there who will substitute in that department? Somebody I can reach out to when I feel like I’m falling apart, who can remind me of my role?

  6. Raven
    26 Jun 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Kristin: show your husband this site and a lot of these posts. There are lots of recurring statements: I feel calmer, I respect him, our relationship is stronger than ever, etc. Many women want their men to be strong – it makes us feel safe, cared for, and protected. Discipline is part of being cared for.

  7. Katie
    5 Jul 2011 at 7:14 am

    I am a 45 year old wife of a spanking husband and I have to say I love it. I will write my husband letters letting him know I am due for a good case of red ass. After a good spanking with a belt, hair brush, or a spatulla I seem to have a calm about myself that makes me feel like a much better person.

    We have been married 14 years and we brought this into our marriage about 2 years ago at my request. He would slap my bare ass during love making and I found that it turned me on so much I wanted more and harder. I am so glad that this has become a part of our life style. We have a deeper respect for each other, we never argue. It really has made our marriage great.

    I am hoping he comes home today and decides I need a good attitude check.

  8. Kili1
    9 Jul 2011 at 10:06 am

    Nice to read your comment Sue Ann. I am back to apologize to my loving husband! Yesterday was our 3 month anniversary and I ruined it by being mouthy. Raising my voice , being disrespectful and the worst of all things lying to my husband! The day just seemed to spiral out of control and me with it! it started with me being mouthy and raising my voice in back talk when my husband pointed out a scratch on my new I phone and suggested I needed to take better care of my things! I thought I was taking good care and got all defensive and started raising my voice to him instead of just looking at the scratch he was pointing out and agreeing that yes I could take better care . He was very angry with me but still took me to lunch but not before warming my backside in the back of the suv before lunch ! Then later in the day I did something I had previously agreed not to do and which we had discussed before I received the belt for this and all was forgiven till he read a txt on my txt on my phone to a friend. It showed that I had gone out at night when he wasn’t there without telling him I was doing so something I promised never to do for my safety and then I tried to lie about where I had gone . It was dumb too as where I went was no bug deL but I just didn’t want another argument because I had forgotten to tell him do I tried to say it was only to the groc. Store thinking that would be ok with him but It made me feel uncomfortable to lie to him do I told the truth and that made it so much worse as now I had lied and for a stupid reason! My husband after manny tears from me agreed to forgive me but my punishment fir this one will be severe! I am grounded for 3 weeks! I am not to leave the house unless it is to take my daughter someplace or for the dr.s etc and I have a set of a hundred lines I am to write every. Day for the next 7 days as well i am to receive a severe belting on Tuesday when my husband returns home for my lying and horrible behavior! I am almost looking forward to the spanking so I can finally atone fore the way I’ve been acting! I know I deserve ever one of his punishments and I’m so grateful he is willing to forgive me! This is why this lifestyle works for us ! Otherwise I could have put or marriage in grave jeopardy yesterday!

  9. Sue Ann
    15 Jul 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Hi Kili1… Well we have a bit in common. I’m sitting here with a sore butt. After being so good for quite a while, I snapped at him and mouthed off during sex no less! lol. I have no idea why I did this. I was undressed and he was not. He took off his belt. I begged him not to spank me with his belt, but he said no way and I would learn not to be disrespectful. He made me get on my hands and knees on the bed and gave me quite a few lashes with his belt. He beat the heck out of my backside and then undressed and was pretty rough on me during sex. I’m sitting here not sure what to think. He’s never spanked out of anger, but boy, could I tell he was angry with my nasty verbal outburst. It started off so well with making out and was leading to sex. Something he did ticked me off and instead of calmly talking about it, I snapped at him and mouthed off. It’s like some evil alien takes over my body. I knew the instant I said it, I was going to be sorry. He threatened his belt many times and finally decided to go through with it. I’m more upset that he went to bed and I haven’t been forgiven yet. That hurts more.

  10. Eilish
    13 Aug 2011 at 12:45 am

    I was married for 16 years to a guy who dumped everything on me, all decisions, budgets, the kids (HIS and mine) as well as working full time at a high-pressure job.

    I decided that it was time for a change and left him, he was doing nothing but using me to make his own life easier. He always did exactly what he wanted without ever consulting me even to letting his parents live in my new house and leaving me with nowhere to go.

    I went to my class reunion last year in June and a guy there who was apparently interested in me in college started talking to me and we really hit it off. We’ve spent the months since dating and loving it.

    I feel like I’ve grown to be arrogant and mouthy and I would see my guy’s mouth tighten when I said something crass. I’m usually really up and happy with others but apparently my bitterness was showing. A few weeks ago when he took me home he asked if he could come in and when he did he looked at me and said “I will not stand for the kind of remark you made tonight and you know exactly which one I mean. So what’ll it be? Are you gonna accept that I need to punish you, or am I gonna leave for good?”

    I about freaked, didn’t know what to say so I said “Please don’t leave.” Mighta thought that one out better. He very calmly stripped down my panties, sat down, yanked up my skirt and kind of put me between his legs and bent me over with my hands on the floor. He started whacking me good. When he didn’t think his hand was enough he grabbed a big wooden spoon off the counter and went at me with that. I have no idea how long it went on, he dropped the spoon at one point and I guess it ticked him off because he really slammed me then. I was crying so hard – geez I hate that unattractive red-faced look you get from being upside down and bawling. When he decided I’d had enough he started rubbing my bruised butt and then told me that if we continued to see each other it would be a regular thing, that he believed that I needed some boundaries set and that it was his place to do so. Have to say I felt rebellious, but it was agree or never see him again.

    I would never consider myself as someone needing domination, but I have felt like my world is out of control because I just can’t take the whole thing being on my shoulders any more. It is amazing how when he bends me over the bed and takes out a paddle I feel relief and just want to hand the crap over to him. I know I get a little out of hand sometimes, but with the belt and/or paddle along with a little anal punishment I feel and sleep a whole lot better. Perhaps this is out of line, but I think I like the dominance of the anal sex after a severe punishment very much; it’s like the seal on the deal. He’s very gentle but it emphasizes his place in our relationship. Luckily, I’ve only had the severe punishment a handful of times in three months because that’s one you really truly cannot sit down after for daysssss. Those are given with the legs wide apart and smacks to the middle. I definitely don’t play around with that one.

    I respect this guy more than I ever did my husband, he never lets the devastated feeling go beyond the spanking; he always makes up afterward very sweetly at which time I promise to do better. And then the devil makes me do or say something……

    We had a very long talk recently and decided it was time we moved in together. One of our agreements is that I will be briefly spanked nightly for a while since the situation is new and scary for me and my control may be a bit fragile. He bought a very lovely hardwood paddle for the occasion that hurts like holy bejeezus and you cannot possibly remain still, but really does get the point across. Come to think of it, that nightly thing has gone on for a couple of weeks now and I’m not complaining. I love him for caring because he knows it embarrasses me when I say something mean or thoughtless that hurts somebody and I agonize over it. I’m slowly getting better.

    We have developed a scenario for play that is completely different from discipline so it is never confusing. I don’t have to stand in the corner with my red bottom showing and being ignored for play, I get to go straight to the good stuff. Heh.

  11. jessica
    15 Aug 2011 at 5:52 pm

    My husband spanks me. It is bare bottom over the knee or on the bed flat. He uses his hand or paddle and when he is done the butt is sore. The spankings range from reminder spankings to I did something wrong spanking.

  12. skye
    24 Aug 2011 at 3:48 pm

    when my husband and i got married we talked about having kids then that led up to disiplen and we are both great belivers of the PADDLE
    my husband works a sressfull job and so whenever he comes home he walks in to our room un dresses puts a robe on an lays on the bed and i come in with the paddle he pulls up the robe enough for me toget the entire bare bottom and he tells me what went on at work and then i tan his hide and ever since i gave birth to tommy we have decided that since all 5 kids (boys) are naughty every saturday they go over the knee while the paddle tans there hides next i go over my hubby’s knee while my bare bottom gets a nice painful tanning then my hubby goes and well i think that you get the point that we strongly belive in the paddle and good behavior

  13. Raven
    27 Aug 2011 at 8:06 pm

    Skye: Your kids must hate you, and hate Saturdays. Jeez – they can’t be that bad every week! Personally, I think spanking is something to be kept between consenting adults, but if you spank kids it should be a last resort. Not a weekly thing. If you treated your dog that way you’d be arrested. Even a prison inmate cannot be treated like that. I have boys myself, one who is a handful, and have never spanked him. Time outs are very effective with him.

  14. Katie
    4 Sep 2011 at 11:13 am

    I got a good spanking yesterday. I have been very mouthly and cranky this week and I don’t know why. So my husband decided he had enough. He took me by suprise I was making the bed he came up behind me bent me over the bed lifted my dress pulled down my panties and said I needed an attitude check, before I new what hit me he was whipping my bare butt with the belt I took about a dozen swats.

    We then discussed my behavior it hurt like hell and still hurts today, but I am in a much better mood and love my husband dearly for making me realize how mean I was being. After every spanking my love for him gets stronger and stronger. I am lucky I only get 1 to 2 times a month.

  15. katie
    9 Sep 2011 at 8:22 am

    Well I got it again yesterday for spending to much money. We agreed about 2 months ago we we’re really going to start budgeting not buying anything we really didn’t need due to the economy.

    So for no reason I decided to have a pamper me day and spent $240.00 on stuff I didn’t need like perfume, shoes, sun dresses I did it even knowing what our aggrenment was then I decided to wait until we we’re at the dinner table to tell him just the look in his eyes I new I was in trouble.

    Well after the dishes were done I saw him grab a spatulla out of the canister so I new it was coming. I got the belt the other day and that hurts bad but the spatulla I think sometimes is worse because it takes more swats to cover the whole area. He was sitting on the couch and told me to make my self comfortable across his lap he then pulled down my shorts and panties rubbed my butt for a few seconds with his hand and said you have such a pretty ass to bad I have to blister it, and oh boy did he I don’t know how many swats I got I just know it was alot. I have all ready returned all of the stuff to the store because he is right I didn’t need it. As always I respect him for the spankings, and trust me I learned my lesson my ass still has a sting to it today.

  16. Kili1
    22 Sep 2011 at 12:19 am

    Been awhile since I’ve been on been moving into a new house so just seeing your comment Sue Ann..yes the silent treatment and not being forgiven after a spanking especially would be tough..I hope he at least forgave you in the morning..I know how a slip of the tongue at the wrong time can land you in hot water and believe me I have been on the recieving end of his belt many times,something I do not look forward to at all…worse now he has a rubber paddle that is much more painful than his belt and since he has gotten it and after my first experience with it I can honestly say I have been much better behaved and have been going out of my way to watch how I act and what I say..I do not wish to evoke the use of this new paddle..I feel for you though that your husband was so mad that he spanked you while angry and then did not forgive and forget..My husband has only spanked me once when he was angry and let me tell you it was severe but he forgave me for what I had done at the end of it as he always done..he usually waits though till he is calm to punish me and I am glad of that as he makes it memorable enough when he is calm…I usually don’t sit comfortably for a couple days afterward…I love my husband a lot…he never yells even when he is angry and will walk away from me or tell me he is going to walk away if I start to yell…this has made me much calmer and of course my yelling at him is added into my punishment along with a lecture about it and a reminder it is one of the rules that I agreed to…he and our lifestyle have made me a much calmer and better person..I have learned to discuss things more calmly and its been good for my daughter to as she never has to listen to a screaming match…If my voice starts to raise in an argument my husband simply tells me that’s enough and ends all conversation till we both have calmed down then he warms my butt for yelling which calms me right down to where we can discuss things rationally…I love him for this..It is what makes our marriage work and he in turn never feels like he wants out of the marriage because of fighting…and Sue my hubby is sometimes quite forceful,not so as to hurt me,but forceful during sex after a spanking but I think It just his way of taking me back and showing me that I am his girl and that he is the dominate in our relationship as it should be..I don’t mind when he is like that as I like to feel that he feels I am his and only his girl…

  17. Sue Ann
    22 Sep 2011 at 10:22 pm

    I haven’t been on here in a while. Wow, Eilish, I never knew if it would be appropriate to mention what you mentioned. Anal discipline. Now that you told us, I feel okay to tell about mine. Mine isn’t sex. After a spanking, I get a finger job that I don’t like. If he feels I haven’t submitted to him, he lubes up a finger and gently works it in and out of my back entrance while I’m still over his knee. I fight it and don’t like it. Never had anal sex. I don’t even like his finger in such an area. It’s worse than the spanking. Usually he has to pin my legs and grab my wrists. It’s like chalk on a blackboard. Maybe some women would be into it, but it’s not a sensation I like. If I don’t relax my muscles and accept finger punishment, I get spanked some more and the finger job is repeated. It is an indication to whether I’m relaxed and I’ve submitted. Once I relax my muscles and I’m not fighting and kicking from the finger up my backside, I’ve truly have calmed down and I’m very submissive then. Usually he then tells me to get on all fours and he has regular sex with me from behind. I have to submit doggy style with my head down, knees apart and butt up. It’s him dominating me. I didn’t want to mention it, as I felt people would truly be shocked. It’s written about in a book on domestic discipline. The man uses his finger to make the woman submit. Sometimes no spanking is involved and it’s anal discipline only. It’s gentle, but I hate it worse than a spanking. It doesn’t hurt me or leave any damage, it’s the sensation I don’t like and I usually kick and scream. It’s very rhythmic and slow. I know some women would be turned on, but not me, especially if I’m angry about being spanked. It’s a silent punishment as far as noise. No slapping sound. It can be done at someone else’s house in their bathroom, but then I have to keep quiet and not make a fuss. Usually he tells me to meet him in the bathroom and I have to bend over the sink and accept my fate. I have to stifle my urge to scream. At someone else’s house or anywhere it’s not possible to spank me, the finger job is something I dread. I get a few smack on the bottom to bend over and then I get lectured while he puts his finger into my back entrance. Some people use butt plugs for punishment in public. I’ve been wanting to talk about this for so long on here. I didn’t want to shock people. I’m sure just telling everyone my husband spanked me with his belt is shocking enough. Yesterday when no one was home, he spanked me in the middle of the living room and hard. Usually it’s been in a private room. This was on the couch and the first time I felt totally exposed, since it’s a big room. He gave me a hard hand spanking with my skirt up and panties at my ankles. It was awful. He’s a foot taller than me with big hands and he’s all muscle. Not an ounce of fat on him. After that spanking, I had enough. I told him no more domestic discipline. Right now we have a truce. He can’t spank me. I feel like he provokes me into the spankings by pushing my buttons. I don’t like it and called him out on it. For me, no more spankings, but he didn’t agree to end anal punishment. His spankings have gotten so harsh and so long… and add to that a finger discipline, I can’t handle it. I’m not sure where we go from here. I think he realized he’s also taking out his anger from work on my backside. I began to feel like a punching bag. I think he knows it too. Domestic discipline can get out of hand and I think he got out of hand with it. I began to feel like he was doing it, not because of my attitude, but because he needed a release and so provoked me. Once provoked, it became my fault I was angry and then a harsh spanking. The other problem is sex. He used to playfully spank me during sex and then the playful spanking turned into a discipline session and I was not in the mood for sex after that. He may not discipline spank me, but I can see where he’ll do it as sexual play and do it hard. He says he doesn’t like to spank me at all, but to me, he’s so turned on by it, he doesn’t know his own subconscious. I’m sitting on a sore backside. Well, there you have it. He thinks I’ll cave, because we were headed for divorce and I agreed to be spanked as a way to stop my destructive behavior. We shall see if a spanking truce is possible without us going at each other. Spanking did make me calm down and made for peace, but then it sort of backfired. I think that’s because he sort of abused it and my backside. For a man who says he doesn’t like spanking me, it sure seems like he was finding every reason to spank me. He had a weak reason yesterday for my hard otk spanking. Sorry I’m going on and on here, but it’s been a confusing week and we are at a truce here. Not sure what will happen, but for now, no more spanking. I have to realize not to fall for him provoking me. Men aren’t perfect and to be honest… right now I’d like to spank the heck out of his backside. lol.

  18. Sue Ann
    22 Sep 2011 at 10:41 pm

    PS… about forgiveness kili 1, yes he eventually forgives me, but I don’t like that it’s not always right away. It usually is the next day. He has spanked out of anger lately and he never used to do that. Like I said in my post above, we have stopped the domestic discipline. I’m usually spanked once a week and sometimes it was more. He’s gotten too harsh with it and his mind isn’t in the right place. He’s agreed to halt spanking. I need it and wish he was doing it correctly. Forgiving and forgetting… and not provoking me into one. He has a lot to think on and he knows he went wrong with this. He agreed to stop for now, unless I want it, need it and ask for it.

  19. Kili1
    16 Oct 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Well it’s good you have taken a break from it if he was getting carried away and the fact that your husband had agreed to a truce does show that he knows he wad getting carried away too and that he needs to take a step back for a bit and that he cares enough about you to do so. As for anal punishment you are so not alone there . I have been bratty quite alot lately patricianly because my husband has been really busy with work and has been to lenient with my punishments and partially because he is going away for three weeks for a family wedding and I am upset , not at him just the situation, that I can’t go because it’s too long to have the kids out of school so I’ve been really pushing it and acting up well we went to Chicago this weekend and spent the night in Michigan last night I was being a real brat this morning and got a well deserved hand spanking over the knee for it and he was gonna leave it at that but for some reason I Just wasn’t learning my lesson and I slapped his butt real hard and asked how he liked it? Big mistake !! I was put back over the bed and got a belt whipping then he pulled out a fairly large butt plug and put it in and told me to get dressed. I am sitting in the truck now with it up my bottom and I am not aloud to remove it until we get home which is about 4 hr drive, I had to shop with it in and sit through lunch as well . He told me if I tried to take it out I would get a soaking in the muddle of the mall and I Think he would’ve done it . So here I sit uncomfortably but I know I had it coming . This is the first time I’ve had this kind of punishment and I will be doing my best to avoid it in the future as it doesn’t make for a pleasant ride at all! I hope you and your hubby can get on the Dane page with the dd.I know sometimes dominant men can be stubborn with how they want things but most my hubby included can be reasonable if you talk to them. Maybe you should just try sitting down and talking to him about what works for you discipline wise! Goof luck!

  20. liketobespanked 505
    22 Oct 2011 at 10:31 pm

    I want a spanking so bad I hope my husband spanks me soon. I dont get punishment spankings but I really need them and want them. Is there something wrong with me?

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