The One-Sentence Motivator


My friend G.L. Hoffman has a great post over at U.S. News and World Report called “The One-Sentence Motivator.” His own one-sentence motivator (spoiler alert) is “Be the man you dreamed you could be when you were a little boy.”

Here’s mine:

To those who despair of everything reason cannot provide a faith, but only passion, and in this case it must be the same passion that lay at the root of the despair, namely humiliation and hatred.
— Albert Camus

It’s not as heartwarming as the little boy one but it gets me out of bed in the morning . . .

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  1. 20 Jun 2008 at 6:46 am

    Paul—Diffr’t strokes…
    Now, I feel so simple, but a little richer. On another topic, I am constantly checking your posts just waiting to use a new word that I have NEVER, EVER heard nor seen on a page. I am betting you will know it however.

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