Who Says Creativity is Dead in Tinseltown?

10 Jun 2008 /

It was a sickness: this great interest in a medium that relentlessly and consistently failed to produce anything at all. People became so used to seeing shit on film that they no longer realized it was shit.

— Charles Bukowski, Hollywood
The Incredible Hulk

I keep seeing commercials during the NBA Finals for The Incredible Hulk.

Wasn’t there an Incredible Hulk movie out just a few years ago?

Why do we have to keep making Incredible Hulk movies?

Way to reach for the stars, thespians.

Shit . . .

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  1. MS


    10 Jun 2008 @ 11:14 pm

    Yes, there was one a few years ago, but this one has Tim Roth and Edward Norton in it…it has to be better based on their inclusion, right? Right? Shit…

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