Dog Investors


Hi Everybody —

I saw this headline today on an Associated Press story:

Stocks Fluctuate as Economic Worries Dog Investors

Lightning on the Balcony

As a dog investor myself, I just wanted to assure you that I am not worried. In fact, I’m sleeping like a puppy . . .

The key to investing is taking a long-term view of the market. Stocks are down? It’s a buying opportunity!

Among the stocks I’m currently recommending are

  • PetSmart (PETM) – Woof woof!
  • Volcom (VLCM), Under Armour (UA) – I see lots of young humans wearing these brands.
  • BJ’s Restaurants (BJRI) – I’ve never been but my owner says it’s really good and always crowded!
  • Sonic Corporation (SONC) – I love the commercials with the two people talking in the car! So funny!

— Lightning paw

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