I’m Killing It on Amazon

29 Jul 2009 /

I’m explaining to my wife how being an Amazon.com associate works . . .

“If I mention a book on my web site, I link it to the book’s page on Amazon. Then if someone clicks through on the link and buys something, I get a small commission.”

She loves money-making enterprises. “How much do you make?” she asks excitedly.

“It’s around four percent, which usually amounts to around 5 or 10 bucks a year.”

“Oh,” she says, rapidly losing interest.

“But look,” I say, showing her my online associate report. “Last month, someone clicked through on one of my links and while they were on Amazon, they bought a very expensive camera lens and I got the commission on it: 18 dollars and 48 cents! We could dine out on burritos and beer with that kind of money!”

“That’s wonderful!” she says. “Can you print that out so I can keep it?”

“Your sarcasm is killing my appetite.”

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