A Compromising Position

6 Sep 2009 /

At a recent town hall meeting, Rep. Baron Hill (D., Ind.) straightened out a young woman who identified herself as a journalism student working on a school project:

CONSTITUENT: First of all, for journalism students, why can’t we film this? We have school projects, and I have just been taken aside and told that I can’t film this. I’m not disrupting, I’m keeping my opinions to myself, but now that I’m not getting to do this for a project, I was going to ask a question. I just–why can’t I film this? Isn’t this my right?

HILL: Well, this is my town hall meeting, and I set the rules, and I’ve had these rules– [audience jeers] Let me repeat that one more time! This is my town hall meeting for you [more jeering]. And you’re not going to tell me how to run my congressional office. Now, the reason for why I don’t allow filming is because usually the films that are done end up on YouTube in a compromising position.

If you’re reading this on Facebook, you can see the YouTube video here.

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