The Least Newsworthy Assassination Attempt on a Presidential Candidate


Man who attempted to grab gun at rally wanted ‘to kill Trump’

Am I wrong in thinking this would be a bigger story if a Trump supporter had tried to assassinate Hillary Clinton?

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    24 Jun 2016 at 2:45 am

    While Clinton is an entrenched and predictable political player, Trump is a populist in the style of George Wallace. Although not nearly as popular is Wallace, Trump attracts a similar audience of those alienated by Washington politics.

    Of Wallace, his second wife was quoted as saying, “I don’t believe George needs a family. He just needs an audience. The family as audience wasn’t enough for his ego.” Much the same can be said for Trump.

    Among the audience Wallace attracted was a nobody seeking to become famous by assassinating a person of fame. The two historically connected in Maryland during one of Wallace’s presidential runs. It remains to be seen whether the same fate will befall Trump and one of the misfits his firebrand rhetoric also attracts.

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