Stumbling Blocks


I was walking near the Orange Circle this afternoon . . . Chapman University, which is nearby, must have been having a graduation.

Sidewalk bumps
Sidewalk bumps

I saw a young woman in a graduation gown cross the street toward me. She was wearing high heels and when she stepped onto a set of those sidewalk bumps that keep blind people from inadvertently striding into traffic, she lost her footing and almost fell.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, “I stumble in that same place every day.”

Is it good or bad that she’s graduating? It’s good in that she won’t stumble there anymore, but it’s bad in that she’s leaving without having mastered the skill of walking on sidewalk bumps in heels.

Now she’ll have to go out into the world and compete with people who can walk around without falling down all the time.

If she went to a better school — let’s say she was a Berkeley grad — she could walk into a wall three times and people would say “That’s how she collects her thoughts.”

But a Chapman University pedigree is not going to get you the same benefit of the doubt . . .

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