There is No Doubt = There is Doubt


There is no doubt about it. The scenario that took place at Starbucks back in April is serious. Targeting someone because of their skin color in 2018 seems ridiculous, because it is. Haven’t we come far beyond this sort of thing in the past fifty years?

Jim Bohn

When someone says “There is no doubt about it” or “It is an indisputable fact” or “Everyone knows . . .”, rest assured that what follows will be an opinion about which there is nothing but doubt and the speaker wants to sidestep having to make a case for whatever he or she is putting forward.

It doesn’t make sense to preface something about which there really is no doubt by saying “There is no doubt about it.” It’s superfluous and silly.

If I were one of the Starbucks employees, I’d be suing for defamation. What evidence are you relying on to humiliate me with attacks on my motivation and my character?

I’m doing what I was told to do. You can’t sit in the store without buying anything. Bathrooms are for customers only. If I ask someone to leave and they won’t leave, call the police.

Not every bad thing that befalls a black American is racially motivated.

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