Overheard: “As a . . .”


“As a member of the queer community and a trans woman of color . . .”

“Are you the official spokesperson for the queer community and/or trans women of color? If not, that’s not a good lead-in to whatever you’re going to say.”


It’s going to get ponderous if we all have to begin sentences by announcing all of the labels we’re currently assigning to ourselves.

“As a white male heterosexual . . .”

“As a Gen-X Albanian bisexual . . .”

“As an LGBT with PTSD . . .”

“As a differently-abled libertarian woman with AIDS . . .”

Just say your piece!

Some people would say at this point that queer trans women of color should be recognized and celebrated. Would they say the same about a guy wearing a MAGA hat and an NRA t-shirt? Would they want to make sure that he feels safe and comfortable about his choices in life? Probably not.

Tolerance and inclusion are good but there are limits. Nobody loves everybody.

If diversity means we can all come together on an equal footing, and defer to the choices others make about their own lives, even if we wouldn’t make the same choices ourselves, it seems like a good thing.

If it means expecting everyone to recognize and celebrate all of our choices, I hate to say it but we are doomed.

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