Fact Check: Trump Said One Thing While His Critics Said Another!


From an Associated Press “fact check”:

Trump distorted science in seeking to assign blame on video games for the deadly shootings in Texas and Ohio, rather than on his own words that critics say contributed to a combustible racial climate spawning violence.

Trump said one thing while his critics said another? That’s a fact check?!

First of all, “I blame video games” is a ridiculous simplification of what he actually said but okay, let’s talk about video games . . .

I’m not aware of a “scientific link” between video games and mass shootings. Nor am I aware of a “scientific link” between Trump talking about immigration and mass shootings, but notice that doesn’t stop the AP from throwing it out there.

(“Critics say” does not establish a scientific link.)

How is the video game research done? Do researchers look at the percentage of video game players who commit mass murder and say “Well, it’s virtually zero, thus no connection.”

Mass murder is thankfully an extremely rare event. It’s indicative of nothing to say that almost no one who does X commits mass murder.

I would be interested though, once someone has committed a mass murder, in knowing what their video game habits were. I know in at least one recent case — the Christchurch shootings — the killer live streamed it like a first person shooter video game. Where would he get an idea like that?


Regarding words contributing to a “combustible racial climate spawning violence,” a lot of Americans over the last few years have taken to calling everyone politically to the right of themselves racists, white supremacists and Nazis.

What do those words contribute to?

  1. Tolerance, inclusion and mutual respect
  2. A “combustible racial climate spawning violence”

The correct answer is B.

Trump says there’s an “invasion” at the border and he’s creating a “combustible racial climate spawning violence.” Meanwhile, the Associated Press and most every other news organization give their blessing to half the country being insulted on a daily basis with fighting words like “racist,” “Nazi” and “white supremacist,” apparently without considering that anyone might be getting pretty pissed off about it.

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