How Many White Supremacists Are There in the US?


I see and hear “white supremacists” and “white nationalists” being tossed around every day but I never see any reporting on how many Americans actually identify as white supremacists or white nationalists.

Why is that? Wouldn’t it be important to know that in order to have an informed opinion on the topic?

I’ve always assumed it’s because the actual number is too small to be taken seriously so it’s just omitted.

“White nationalism” is the political term of choice because it sounds a lot scarier than “an extremely small, poorly organized group of confused losers.”

Do you actually try to read anything outside of material pandering to your narrow mindset? I’ll make it easy for you. Here you go:

Could you just give me the number?

I could, but I’d rather you do the work of reading it yourself. It’s only 12 pages long, with lots of graphs, so it should be a quick read!

Couldn’t find it … that was a waste of two minutes. I just want “out of 327 million Americans, X identify as white supremacists.” I would guess between 10,000 and 50,000, basically a rounding error.

I think the numbers that actually matter are about violence perpetrated, and those numbers show that white/right wing extremists are more dangerous than any other terrorist group…it’s not like these folks are checking “Nazi” on their voter registration cards, so we’ll have to rely on (cold) body count, instead.

No I think we’re all opposed to mass murder no matter who is perpetrating it … my point was that I have never heard or read an estimate of how many Americans identify as white supremacists. You are an informed person and you don’t know either. Why are we not given that number? Because it would turn out that 99.99% of Americans are *not* white supremacists. We hate white supremacists. But as long as people are uninformed about the actual numbers, they can be worked into a useful state of panic and fury completely out of proportion to reality.

I don’t think it’s exactly something we can track. I mean, it’s not like there’s a question on the census or anything…

I think the “panic and fury” is a result of the mass murders, which are on the rise, and people are right to be upset and scared. There have been warnings and attempts to stem the violence and antagonism of those who do identify this way, but these measures have been retired because of the racist lies perpetuated by the Republicans, especially Mitch McConnell and this current administration. It’s scary because we have the facts about the violent activity of these folks, but refuse to do anything to remedy the situation. The “actual” numbers that matter and are trackable are disheartening and terrifying.

To insist that we need to know the exact numbers of card-carrying racists seems to me like an inane attempt to downplay the very real evils we are facing.

I’m surprised that a data-driven person like you would just shrug that off. OK, let’s use the murder numbers in the link you sent. Average of 25 fatalities per year due to right-wing extremists (however that is determined). For context, that’s about half the number of annual deaths from lightning strikes. Why do we not hear round-the-clock coverage of lightning strikes, and warnings to stay indoors during storms, given that they are twice as dangerous as right-wing extremists? Because lightning strikes cant be blamed on Trump. If you think 25 deaths a year in a country of 320 million supports a terrifying, evil white nationalism narrative, we will have to agree to disagree.

Comparing murder to weather might be one of the most callous things I’ve read, yet, so with that, I’m signing off this debate.

It was already over.

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