NYC to Eliminate Gifted and Talented Programs?


Last week, a school diversity task force in New York issued a report recommending the elimination of New York city’s gifted and talented programs.

The “problem” being addressed is that white and Asian students dominate the selective programs, leaving black and Hispanic students in highly segregated schools, so instead of figuring out how to bring underachievers up to the mark, let’s eliminate the programs.

Critics of the plan worry that middle class (i.e., white and Asian) parents will either move out of the city or send their kids to private school, making the New York schools even more segregated than they are now.

An NYU professor weighs in to say that many parents in cities like New York value diversity and want to send their children to schools that serve everyone.

“Many parents” = the parents of the dumb kids. Nobody else gives a shit about “diversity.” I assure you that most of the white parents and 99 percent of the Asian parents have never been heard to say “I want my children to get the best possible education, but not at the expense of diversity.”

(I don’t think the black and Hispanic parents give a shit about about diversity either except as a lever to improve the schools that their kids go to.)


Government takes away far too much money and freedom, often simultaneously. I’d like to have the freedom to take my skills to the marketplace, earn a dollar and spend it any way I want to.

Politicians say no, we’re taking that dollar because we know how to spend your money better than you do.

I’m resigned on this point. But when politicians say “we know how to raise your kids better than you do”?!

The arrogance! It’s tyranny. And it’s tyranny with a clear conscience because the tyrants truly believe that they know the best interests of the tyrannized.

It;s your lucky day! Your kids are going to be part of some grand social experiment to set up classrooms like checkerboards, and no, we don’t have any data on the educational merits.

Our children are our hope for the future. I’ll move out of the district, I’ll move out of the fucking country before letting elected officials tell me what kind of education my kids can and cannot have.

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