And That’s the Truth: 93 Percent Peaceful

Sojourner Truth

[And That’s the Truth is a feature by our guest blogger, Sojourner Truth– PE]

Somebody put out a report sayin that 93% of Black Lives Matter protests in the US were peaceful.

Now if’n you got a brain in yo head, you realize that statement don’t mean a goddamn thing.

Fust off, what counts as a protest? One guy on a street corner with a sign. Is that a protest?

Next thing, what is “peaceful”? I mean, I seen clowns on the TV telling me they at a “peaceful” protest and there’s a big fire goin on behind em.

Fiery But Mostly Peaceful

So I dont know what a protest is and I dont know what “peaceful” is but even if I take the numbers they give me, 7 percent is 617 riots in 220 cities.

Man, I bet Hitler is in Hell right now going “Why didn’t I think of this? Hey, I wasn’t a bad guy. Look at the percentage of people I didn’t kill.”

And that’s the Truth!

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