The Last Words of the COVID Patient


This mask-wearing thing has really developed into a holy war . . .

People want to blame President Trump for virus deaths but there are a lot of people out here who aren’t going to be told what to do (e.g., wear a mask) based on what somebody else believes! This is America and that’s not the way things are done!

I don’t know a single healthcare professional who doesn’t advise wearing a mask, but for some reason every RV salesman and 7-11 clerk thinks they’re qualified to evaluate medical research.

“Do some flippen research,” they say.

I tell you what, I wouldn’t go to my doctor’s office for a Big Gulp, and I wouldn’t go to 7-11 for medical advice unless I was really tired of living and I’d rather be dead.

I wonder how many COVID patients’ last words were “The clerk at 7-11 said wearing masks is for suckers”?

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