Steve Scully: Ex-Debate Moderator or Lying Bastard?


Steve Scully was going to be the moderator of tonight’s now-cancelled presidential debate.

I know a lot of people who think President Trump’s “fake news” feud with the media is based largely on his own paranoid imagination.

But do you really think that a guy who has publicly stated that Donald Trump should never be president is a good choice to moderate a presidential debate in which one of the participants is Donald Trump? There wasn’t anyone a bit more impartial available?

Wait, it gets better. While in college, Scully served as an intern for — wait for it — Sen. Joe Biden.

OK, now for the coup de grâce! Today, C-SPAN suspended Scully indefinitely after he admitted to lying about his Twitter feed being hacked when he was confronted about a questionable exchange with former Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci.

A week ago, after Trump (and others) had been blasting him for weeks as a “never Trumper,” (demonstrably true, see above tweet) and therefore a lousy choice as a debate moderator, Scully tweeted “@Scaramucci should I respond to Trump.” Scaramucci, a former Trump communications director and now a critic of the president, advised Scully to ignore him.

When Scully saw that his tweet had created a controversy, he claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked.

Of course that’s what everyone says, but no hacker is ever found. Probably the same guy who “hacked” Joy Reid’s account.

Absolutely insane. Man, I hate the media.

Good riddance, you lying bastard . . .

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