It’s Only Bad When Americans Die?

How the coronavirus is affecting the US

“More than 230,000 people have died from COVID! I hope everyone remembers that on Election Day!”

“Are you suggesting Trump is responsible for the 230,000 deaths? He’s kept you alive. A dubious achievement, I grant you. But there’s about 330 million people in the US, so why not look at it that way? He’s kept almost 330 million people alive.”

“I’ve kept myself alive. I wear a mask, wash my hands, social distancing . . .”

“Sure, sure . . . are you saying we can choose whether or not to be infected? Everyone knows what’s safe and unsafe. Did the 230,000 people choose to get sick and die? Or did everyone who’s still here take care of themselves but all the deaths are on Trump?

“And by the way, your death count is too low by about a million people. You’re citing the death count for one country. It’s a global pandemic. I understand you haven’t figured out how to blame the rest of the deaths on Trump, but what is your position here? It’s bad when Americans die and everyone else can go to hell? What a humanitarian you are.”

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