Read My Lips: No New Frackses

Thomas Jefferson

My fellow Americans –

This Biden fellow is the biggest liar on two feet. I heard him on last night’s debate saying “I never said I oppose fracking.”

“You said it on tape,” President Trump replied.

“Show the tape!” Biden said angrily. “Put it on your website!”

OK, first of all, here’s the tape:

Second, Biden knows he said it, he knows he said it on tape . . . I’d seen the tapes many times myself.

Why on God’s green earth would he stand there and not only lie about it but insist that his opponent produce a tape of him lying about it?

It’s the most shameless thing I’ve ever seen! Given the audacity of it, do I believe he’s taken millions of dollars from foreign entities?

Well, he denied that as well. “I have never taken a penny from any foreign source,” he said.

I don’t believe that was even the allegation. The allegation was that his son took money from foreign sources and gave him a cut of it.

Or maybe he was taking about a penny as a particular denomination of coin?

I do believe the man’s name is Joe Biden. Everything else he said, I think he was lying.

Thomas Jefferson

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