Mail-In Ballots == Chaos


Whoever said that mail-in ballots would be a colossal fuck-up (I think it was Trump) was certainly right . . .

When I went to bed Tuesday night, Trump was leading comfortably in virtually all undecided states. By the time I got up Wednesday morning, several of the counts had shifted to Biden.

Voting by mail
Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash

What happened in-between? Does that reflect mail-in counts?

I live in California, so there’s never any doubt about which presidential candidate will carry the state, but I’m sure this is happening all over the country . . . I see stories on the local news where they send out a reporter to talk to people . . . “My dad got a ballot and he’s been dead for 10 years.” “I got two ballots sent to me with just a minor variation in my name.” “We got a ballot for someone who hasn’t lived in the house for 30 years and in fact is no longer alive.”

The reporter then interviews the registrar of voters who says something like “We’re doing our best but the right to vote is so important that we err on the side of sending out the ballot when we’re not sure.”

Some people will say that we’ve always had the option of voting by mail so what’s the big deal? But what they’re talking about is absentee ballots, which means I specifically request an absentee ballot, it’s sent to me, I fill it out and send it back, and they check me off the list.

The big deal is that states are sending out ballots to an unverified databases of names without knowing who they are, where they currently live, whether they in fact live in the state, or even whether they’re dead or alive. So irregularities are an absolute certainty.

That’s a big problem when the overall race is close and the battleground state races are very, very close. It’s unprecedented to my knowledge and I would expect weeks of chaos to ensue.

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