Thomas Jefferson: It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

Thomas Jefferson

My fellow Americans –

Call me crazy — Old Crazy Tom — but I still believe Donald Trump has a strong chance to overturn this election based on voter fraud.

There are three prerequisites for a crime to take place:

  1. Motive, e.g., getting Hitler out of the White House.
  2. Opportunity, e.g., to lose ballots, to “find” ballots, to deliberately miscount ballots, to tamper with voting or vote-counting software, etc.
  3. A feeling that one can get away with it, or at least that it’s worth the risk.

Numbers 1 and 2 are a slam dunk in this case. A lot of people would balk at number 3, but not everyone.

Let’s dive a little deeper . . .

Pennsylvania: I believe the Supreme Court has already instructed Pennsylvania to segregate ballots that came in late but were counted anyway. The obvious reason for that instruction is to retain the possibility of invalidating the late ballots. Invalidating the late ballots would give Trump a victory in Pennsylvania.

Nevada: Some people have a second home in a state other than the one in which they live and are registered to vote. For example, there are people in California who have a second home in Nevada. Given the scattershot approach to sending out ballots, I wouldn’t be surprised if people with more than one home received more than one ballot. There aren’t enough fake ballots in the world for a Democrat to lose California, but a Democrat could lose Nevada. So why not vote the Nevada ballot even if you don’t really live there? It’s illegal, but nobody’s going to go to jail. I mean, they sent you the ballot and you voted it. How were you supposed to know better?

Wisconsin and Michigan: Trump was leading comfortably in both of these states Tuesday night. By Wednesday morning, the lead had moved to Biden. What happened there in the middle of the night? Did truckloads of ballots show up, all for Biden? Data scientists are looking at the votes and the voting patterns and finding a lot of anomalies, all in favor of Biden. Since A-Team data scientists are smarter than postal workers, other civil servants, and CNN mountebanks, I’m expecting to see solid evidence of fraud coming out of one or both of these states within the next couple of weeks.

Thomas Jefferson

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