What is the Likely Result of Overcharging the George Floyd Case?


Active law enforcement officers, by policy, can’t have a voice in America. They’re not allowed to speak their mind. They’re not allowed to say what they’re going through because of department, anti-social media policies. It’s down to the point now where if their wives or husband likes something, they’re being questioned over that.

So, I’m that voice. I don’t have the restrictions of having a department policy over me. And I have my ear to the law enforcement officers across the nation, what they’re going through amongst themselves with their supervision, with politicians, with the community. And I speak on that. And again, we get back to that false rhetoric, the narratives.

There’s 800,000 police officers, sworn law enforcement officers in America. There are 300 million police community contacts a year, 30 million criminal investigation contacts, 1.7 million violent felonies.

Police in 2019 shot under a thousand people and only 54 of those thousand people were unarmed. So, now you’re talking 5% of all shootings are the unarmed civilians.

And then when you break down the unarmed civilians, most of them are white people. So, it’s not that police are just indiscriminately shooting unarmed black people in the community.

If you listen to the false rhetoric out there, we’re gunning down black children all across America. I think there was a recent poll where they said they thought it was in thousands. . . . In 2019, do you know how many unarmed black children under the age of 18 that police officers shot and killed? [It] was one.

And it was an 18-year-old who was on drugs, naked, beating his girlfriend and her best friend who she called for help. When the police got there, he fled, they chased him, he started fighting with them, they tasered him twice, and he tried to remove the officer’s gun, so the partner shot him.

Now, it’s classified as an unarmed shooting because it started off unarmed, but once you grab that gun and once you’re in a fight with an armed police officer, you’re no longer unarmed, whoever wins that fight is armed. So, that’s the shooting and that’s the reality of it.

Things that happened like with George Floyd and the incidents that have sparked riots across the nation, let’s investigate. There’s not a police officer I know that didn’t see the George Floyd video and said that it wasn’t important. It was common ground.

We all thought it was disgusting. There’s avenues to investigate that, there’s avenues to punish that. But now you have prosecutors overcharging and trying to please the public to where in a year from now, or actually a couple of months now, when that goes to trial and they can’t live up to the charges that they’ve brought, we’re going to go through this all over again. Because, in my opinion, they did overcharge. They did rush to judgment, because they had to appease the public crowd.

That’s not what investigations are for. Investigations are to look at the facts and charge appropriately, not based on emotion, but the law.

Anyone who saw the video has emotional feelings on that and that’s fine to have, but I want to see the proper charges filed. I want to see the officer held accountable under those proper charges, not get acquitted and we have riots nationwide, which hurt hundreds of more police officers, arrest thousands of individuals, and we’re back to square one.

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