NY Times Annual Dissing of Black Students


Elite High Schools

First of all, I don’t know who is helped by these annual NY Times headlines on the academic underperformance of students with darker skin pigmentation.

The black kid going out on an interview and the interviewer reads the NY Times — is he helped? Who is helped? What’s the point?

Asian students by the way are doing great! Over half of the offers to “elite” NYC public high schools went to Asian kids. And these are not crazy rich Asians we’re talking about, they’re low-income Asians, immigrants, children of immigrants, who have an added disadvantage of living in homes where English is not the primary language.

In my experience, kids can achieve remarkable competence in anything that’s important to them, and getting into these top schools has enormous significance in Asian families.

Why doesn’t the NY Times run an annual story on how many Asians are selected in the NBA draft?

Playing basketball is not deemed important by Asians. Except Jeremy Lin, and even he went to Harvard.

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