Unconscious Bias


I was “invited” to a webinar on unconscious bias . . . unconscious bias isn’t my hottest hot button but it’s up there. The fact that everyone has biases isn’t a topic of controversy or interest, not worth having a webinar over.

The webinar happens because “unconscious bias” is a euphemism for racism. You’ve got two options: you’re racist or you’re racist and you don’t know it so we’ll have this webinar to set you straight. As intentional, demonstrable racism faded away, people who made a living from it (i.e., the diversity industry) came up with this new term: “unconscious bias.”

If we don’t know each other, you haven’t lived one second of my life and I haven’t lived one second of yours, I wouldn’t presume to know you better than you know yourself, to be able to peer into your unconscious mind and see all the dark thoughts in there that you’re not even aware of.

It’s ludicrous, first of all — the mystical mind-reading element of it. And it’s offensive to tell me why I did or said something based on this mystical power that no one actually has.

I wish I had 5 dollars for every time someone absolutely knew my motive for doing or saying something and they were completely wrong.

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