How Long Does it Take to Get Hired?


From LinkedIn News:

How long does it take to get hired? That depends on the field of work you’re in, according to a new analysis by LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team looking at confirmed hires on the platform from June 2020 to March 2021.

The data shows that technical positions take the longest time to fill (the median turnaround in engineering is 49 days). By contrast, everything moves faster in non-technical fields, such as sales (38 days) and customer service (34 days).

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I’m a software engineer. I did a phone interview with Company A, two managers on the call, we did a tech screen and the gist of it was, “Great job, we’ll set you up for the next interview a week from tomorrow.”

Meanwhile Company B did one Zoom call and was ready to make an offer the next day.

Top candidates are not going to stay on the market for a month and a half while you go through your leisurely, laborious hiring process. Who do you think you’re going to hire with a 2-month waiting period? I can get eight job offers just in the time you’re screwing around between interviews. When I’ve hired people, I can tell within one 30-60 minute conversation whether or not I want to hire them.

  1. Do not make candidates talk to anyone who is not able to make a hiring decision.
  2. Do not make candidates talk to HR people.
  3. Do not make candidates interview with your boss, your boss’s boss, etc. Part of my job as a manager is to be a sheepdog, guarding my flock from predators like my boss and my boss’s boss.

Thus spoke The Programmer.

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