The Kaepernick Encounter


I was pumping gas at a local station when I noticed another guy pumping gas wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey. It may add something to the story to know the race of the guy in the jersey so I’ll tell you that he was a black guy.

“You got a problem with the jersey?” the guy asked me.

I was actually just trying to get a clear look at the name on the jersey so I could read it, but the guy was apparently on a hair trigger to begin with.

“Not with the jersey or you wearing the jersey but I have a couple issues with Kaepernick. One is that kneeling for the anthem has nothing to do with police. Isn’t that what he was protesting, something about police? If you want to protest the police, go down to the police station and have a protest. But kneeling for the anthem has nothing to do with the police. It’s inarticulate. It’s just a way to call attention to himself.

“Two is that Nike probably paid someone in Vietnam a dollar a day to stitch that jersey while Kaepernick himself gets paid millions to complain about inequality. You see the disconnect? Let him stitch his own jerseys, I mean what the hell else is he doing? He’s not playing football.

“Did that answer your question?”

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