A Solution for Abortion Access



From the Los Angeles Times:

California law states that people have a “fundamental right” to choose and obtain an abortion before a fetus becomes viable. The governor has vowed to protect that right.

But just because abortion has more legal protection in California does not mean it is readily accessible to all, advocates of reproductive choice say. Many Californians struggle to afford the procedure, and some live far from a clinic that provides it.

Such practical barriers can make abortion too difficult to access for Californians, despite the legal assurances on the books, advocates say.

What a calamity! There are no legal roadblocks to abortion in California, and yet a mother-to-be who doesn’t want to be a mother may still find the procedure inaccessible or unaffordable.

What about condoms? Are condoms inaccessible or unaffordable?

Always worked for me . . .

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