Chess Game of the Day: Time Problems Force a Draw


One of my online chess games. I feel like I would have lost but it ended with a draw by repetition when Black ran short of time. Some annotations below . . .

2. Nc3 Vienna Game

3. …Nc6 Four Knights Game

12. Rad1 Probably 12. Bxc6 is better.

15. …Bg4 I feel like 15. …exf4 is an improvement.

20. …Bh4 I don’t see what this move accomplishes.

23. …Qf5 I like 23. …Qa5 here.

27. Rxc7 At this point, I feel like Black should be able to continue with something like 27. Rd8 and win by queening the a-pawn. (Capturing the a-pawn with 28. Rxa7 doesn’t help after 27. …Rd2. But Black only has 14 seconds left in a 2-minute game and after 6 seconds of thought, takes the draw by repetition.

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