And That’s the Truth: Sidney Poitier

Sojourner Truth

[And That’s the Truth is a feature by our guest blogger, Sojourner Truth — PE]

God he was a handsome man. I seen that he died. He was described as a “legendary actor and civil rights activist.”

Black folks got to get over the notion that all they problems are caused by other people.

Nobody likes Jews but Jews done very well for theyselves. We had a Jewish man, Bernie Sanders, run for president two times and I never once heard him even mention that he was Jewish or that you was a Jew-hater if you disagreed with him. A black person run for some office, everything about race. You can’t disagree on the merits, you can only disagree because you a racist.

I would like to hear someone explain Asian success to me in the context of white supremacy. America has always treated Asians very badly . . . it’s not so well known, but it’s true.

Maybe there’s a Asian civil rights activist but if there is, I couldn’t name one.

In my lifetime, racism was a real thing. Racism is dead in America, almost . . . the only thing keepin it alive is “civil rights activists” and people who feel better about themselfs by callin someone else a “racist.”

And that’s the Truth!

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