If You Gotta Go, Go Now


One of my students says she was so frustrated with an assignment she was ready to throw her computer out the window.

“What floor do you live on,” I ask.


“Oh, well that probably wouldn’t kill anyone, just a bump on the noggin. But you can’t say for sure if it hit them just right. Be sure you’re wearing a mask though when you do that.”

She lives in New York. My son also lives in New York so I had to call to warn him to be on the lookout for falling computers.

“Because I know someone who may be throwing one out a window. But only from the second floor so you’ll probably be able to see it coming and step out of the way.”

If I lived in New York and it came down to being killed by COVID or by a falling computer, I’d take the computer. And not just because I’m a computer professional — live by the computer, die by the computer.

But it would be quick. If everything went well, I’d never even know what hit me. I don’t want to waste away in a hospital bed.

My wife was saying the other day that if she’s ever incapacitated and unable to do things for herself, we should just let her go. Pull the plug, so to speak.

I said, “I can get a pillow and smother you with it tonight if you want. Oh . . . and Happy Valentines Day.”

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