And That’s The Truth: You Can Get It If You Really Want

Sojourner Truth

[And That’s the Truth is a feature by our guest blogger, Sojourner Truth — PE]

I just seen a couple things. A contrast. One is Michelle Obama’s brother, Craig Robinson, and his white wife gettin their kids kicked outta school.

Dependin who you listen to, the Robinsons was either providin helpful feedback to the school on assignments and teaching practices, or they was harassin and disrespectin the teachers and administrators to where the school had enough and kicked em out.

How many kids at this school? A thousand? You gonna have a thousand sets of parents tellin the school how it’s gotta be run to their satisfaction? Or these two fools thinkin “Our brother-in-law was president of the U-nited States! We are people of unusual importance and you gonna do it the way we tell you to do it.”

Just talk to your kids about the lessons at home. You really don’t like the school, find another one. Or homeschool the kids.

Poor black kids can’t get a good education and rich black kids can’t get a good education cause everybody’s lookin backwards, backwards, backwards. The past is gone. It’s dead.

Here’s another thing I seen: An Asian woman on Twitter says

in class, professor tell me im “oppressed” because i’m women and asian. I say who cares. Teach Engineering. I pay much money to learn good education. stop wasting time to be stupid. I pay money to learn math, not penis this, vagina that, oppressed this, victim that

Two things I know about the history of Asians in America: 1) It’s bad; 2) It ain’t taught in school.

Black history is bad but everyone learns in school about slavery, the Civil War, Jim Crow, segregation, racism. Nobody learns how or why anonymous Asian bones got scattered all over the American West.

Asians got plenty to complain about if they want to but they lookin forwards not backwards. Lookin forwards to gettin a good education. Like this woman says, stop wastin time bein stupid.

And that’s the Truth!

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