It All Depends on Who’s Slinging the Hash


I don’t think the sentiment would play any better coming from a white person.

The article goes on to say that the professor has faced “violent threats, harassment and abuse.” OK, first of all, let’s all keep our hands to ourselves. No violence. But still, of all the people who claim to have received violent threats or death threats, how many have actually been violently attacked? How many have died?

The only case that comes to my mind is Salman Rushdie, and he didn’t get a death threat from a lone nut, he got a death threat from a global religion. Other than that, I have to call bullshit on the whole “violent threat/death threat” thing. Everybody gets death threats but no one ever dies.

Now as far as harassment and abuse, I’d say that wishing someone an excruciatingly painful death falls under the heading of harassment and abuse. So if you’re going to dish out the harassment and abuse, you’d best be able to take harassment and abuse in return. You asked for it, you got it.

It all depends on who’s slinging the hash, honey.

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