20 Things You Don’t Have to Apologize For


You Never Have to Apologize For…

1. Removing someone from your life that repeatedly crosses your boundaries. ~Bonnie Romano

2. Being who we are, and feeling our feelings. ~Courtney Redd-Boynton

3. Trusting your instincts, even if you can’t explain it. ~Kate Willette

4. We should never apologize if we’re not truly sorry. I don’t believe in apologizing because someone ‘demands’ an apology. ~Olga Baez Rivera

5. Quality “me” time (taking care of ourselves). ~Nath Ray

6. Your opinion—there is no right or wrong opinion, and there’d be a lot less arguments if more people could just respect and appreciate different insights. ~Jennifer Werner Mader

7. Standing up for what you believe in. ~Michelle Galyon-Stallings

8. Living life the way we choose to, regardless of fitting in with other people’s norms. ~Tanya Johns Emery

9. Making decisions about your own future that don’t do any harm to anyone. No one should be made to feel guilty for trying to better themselves. ~Rebecca Killeen

10. You shouldn’t have to apologize for how you feel. You may need to apologize for how you act on your feelings, but never for being hurt, angry, sad, etc., and expressing how you feel. There’s a difference. ~NathanArisa Ferree

11. Being sensitive. I feel my feelings and I believe it’s hurtful when individuals are quick to tell someone to “get over it.” If we aren’t harming anyone, we all deserve to process our feelings in our own time frame and manner. ~Lori Mitchell

12. For being protective of our children and trusting our instincts as parents—especially when they’re not yet capable of advocating for themselves. ~Amitola Rajah

13. Having to grieve. Some people think there is a time limit or a timeframe. It could take a lifetime to accept someone we love passing away. ~Lisa Marie

14. Speaking the truth. It ain’t always pleasant, but better to know what’s really in someone’s heart than be fake! ~Kiran Sohi

15. Speaking up when someone has hurt us in some way. ~Karin Alberga

16. Fighting for the rights of animals. ~Linda Leppington

17. Taking a break and doing absolutely nothing for ten minutes. ~Christina Teresa

18. Being a free thinker and questioning everything even when it’s not the popular thing to do. ~Kathy Gildersleeve Wesley

19. Choosing what you think is best for your life. ~Kay West

20. Apologizing too much. ~Lori Deschene

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