Verbal Blunder of the Week Competition


Competition was intense in the Verbal Blunder of the Week competition . . .

First was the Joe Biden “I see dead people” gaffe:

KJP tried to explain that Biden was trying to locate the deceased congresswoman in the audience because she was “top of mind”:

I suppose when I listen to Beatles music or to his own music, John Lennon is “top of mind” for me but I don’t look around the room trying to locate him.

These next two, it’s kind of a toss-up for me which one is more horrifying, but in the first one, someone thought it would be a good idea to send Kamala Harris to the Korean DMZ, at which she proclaims the importance of our alliance with the Republic of North Korea, which as you probably know, even if Kamala Harris doesn’t, is a sworn enemy of the United States.

And the final entry is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually saying that red states shouldn’t be shipping out immigrants, they should be letting immigrants stay to “pick the crops.” Of course. What else would they do?

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