Schadenfreude Squared


I’m a little late on this but I read not too long ago about a couple of Twitter employees who called out Elon Musk via public tweets. I’m not sure “called out” is the right phrase . . . one employee implied that Musk has no idea what he’s talking about and the second just gratuitously insulted him.

Both were fired. Musk actually announced the first guy’s firing on Twitter.

The tone of the media coverage surprised me. It sounded like Musk was some kind of monster. But ask yourself this question, and I will do the same: “If I posted something on Twitter to the effect of ‘I work at Company X and our CEO is an idiot,’ what would happen?”

My answer is: I don’t think it would go well. I’d probably lose my job.

But really the most intoxicating angle on this is Twitter employees losing their jobs over something they posted on Twitter. 🙂

Quod circulat, volvit. What goes around comes around.

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